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    Hey there, Emily here, completely new to the forum and basically anything forum-related haha I'm a 31-year-old goofball who just loves to cook even though I tend to mess up sometimes. I didn't like cooking until I was about 25 or something, when I first discovered Korean and Japanese food other than sushi. I wasn't used to this food and was hesitant to try it at first, but when I did, you can say that my life has changed completely! I was suddenly interested in the art of cooking and I'm glad that I found my love for cooking through those specific cuisines not quite familiar in the west.
    Looking forward to my time here and exchange some recipes or experiences with you!

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    Welcome to the forum Emily. I find Maangchi to be a great source for Korean recipes. Consistently good.
    She also has a Youtube channel.
    “If you are afraid of butter, use cream.”
    – Julia Child


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      Thank you! Definitely look forward to my time here and thank you so much for recommending me Maangchi! I'll definitely look up some of the videos she's made.


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