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Flavoring beans?

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  • Flavoring beans?

    Growing up, my grandma always flavored beans with some type of fat. Now, i'd really like to steer clear of using fat for flavoring for health reasons. How else can I flavor them?

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    OMG! I decided to blog!


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      Liquid smoke
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        Whats with all this hate for fat? Some fat is good in the diet and it also makes things taste much better. Its also being proven over and over again its not fat that's the problem, its the refined grains and the carbohydrates that are not so good for you.
        Dr. Atkins was right. Fat is not the problem. Its carbs that are the problem.

        To the beans.
        You don't need a big piece of fat to add flavor to your beans. You could use the left over bone from your holiday ham, you could use salt pork or even country ham pieces. Beans need some added flavor (unless you are going to use them in another dish) and meat and fat are what I suggest. Salt is very important also.
        Another way to kick up beans is to brown well some aromatic vegetables like carrot, onion, garlic and celery.
        Brown/saute these aromatics in a bit of oil, then add your cooking liquid and your beans.
        Don't forget the salt and pepper. The lack of salt has ruined many a recipe. When you are in a restaurant and everything tastes so much better, you wonder how they do it?
        They use lots of salt and fats. Flavor resides and is brought to the forefront with the addition of these ingredients.
        A little fat will not hurt you and it will make your food taste better.
        A little salt is as important as the item your cooking. Without salt, you might as well live on oatmeal.


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          Don't respond. Brianna was just one of the sockpuppets.
          OMG! I decided to blog!


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