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  • Besides rice?

    I used to eat rice with dinner every night but after a while I just got tired of it. What other grain sides are there to be had besides rice?

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    Quinoa, barley, wheat berries
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      Couscous is nice but I only eat that as a side with a salad.
      Have you tried doing something different with your rice? I love rice and get tired of it as I take the microwave rice to work (they always laugh and me eating so much rice) as it's quicker.
      You could buy some stir fry sauces or curry. Or buy a Pilau rice seasoning or curry powder.
      I love Rice usually I fry it and have it in a stir fry but lately I've just been boiling it and adding curry. I think I might start making it for work again


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        Low fat mashed potatoes, corn, fruit, salads, or any kind of beans. "Beans are a unique combination of fiber, protein and vitamins and minerals," says Utt. "They are a marvelous source of protein, and they may help us reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. That's a pretty strong resume."
        Also whole grains. Government nutritional guidelines say that eating at least 3 ounces of whole grains a day can reduce the risk of chronic disease and help maintain a healthy weight.


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          Enlighten me, what is Utt ?


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            You can try brown rice if you're tired of eating plain rice. If you don't want rice at all, I recommend quinoa, barley, or oatmeal.


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              Quinoa and barley are great. Or skip the grains and go with root vegetabkes. Parsnips, rutabagas, sweet potatoes...all make wonderful sides whether grilled, mashed, etc.


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                According to health-freaks around the world, grain of all kinds are unnecessary. Real humans eat only meat, fruits, and vegetables.

                Meat should be eaten 3-4 times a week only.

                Vegetables and fruits can be eaten 24/7. But avoid orange, lemon, lime, and citrus fruits 2 hours before bed time.


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                  According To the medical Advice Besides rice is healthy for all age of people but this not a must but you can choose another types of rice also and take in lunch or dinner


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                    It reminds me of the Philippines a bit where every meal has rice and many restaurants offer 'unlimited rice' so you can have as much as you want... they love it there.

                    There's lots of meals where I can't really imagine taking rice out, like a curry, but a variation you might want to try is 'coconut rice.' Basically just cook your rice in coconut milk instead of water and it has a delicious coconut flavor.

                    Another alternative would be sticky rice.

                    If you want to get away from rice entirely then I think couscous is a great alternative as suggested by someone else. A nice bread roll or perhaps a pita bread is another option.


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