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  • Fava Beans Puree

    The winter is around the corner and beans are one of the best foods you can eat during this cold weather. I made dried fava beans puree the other day and it was delicious. Does anyone like fava beans?

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    I love fava beans, but I have only eaten them fresh. I have never even seen them dry. I guess I never looked for them. How did you make your puree?


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      I love fava beans and am curious about the puree. My mother-in-law makes fava chips. She soaks her fava beans to soften the skin, peels them and fries them until they brown. She lets them cool and add a bit of salt and ground hot pepper to them. They are delicious, like a crunch chip.


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        I have fava beans growing in my garden right now. I use them fresh in salads, pasta, soups stews, and buttered as a side veggie. They are delicious added to sauted peppers, sauages, and tomato sauce. I have made hummus from fresh fava using the usual hummus ingredients --
        olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, fresh herbs, etc. I also freeze them for future use. They are as versatile as any other bean. I have, however, never used dried fava.


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