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How to wash garlic smell of hands

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    Originally posted by PappaLazarou
    Garlicin is a garlic supplement you goose ! If your going to post on this forum it would be advisable to get your fact right
    Thank you for your warn.It should be Allicin.Sorry for the stupid mistake. I have already correct it in my former reply.
    By the way hope you can be more friendly when find some mistake.After all I'm not deliberate to do that and the method I propose is really helpful.
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      smell hands

      warm water opens your pores, and this makes the smell enter your skin.

      cold water does the oppposite.

      wash your hands with cold water before using garlic, then after wash it wth cold water, then soap.

      no hot water, unless you want a 2nd wash with soap


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        simplest thing ever! Just wet your hands and rub them on something stainless steel. takes the garlic right out amazingly!!

        I'm not a chef, and I don't play on one television


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          Originally posted by chrissss View Post
          basically, the warmer your hands, the more your pores will open, and the smell will go inside. try to wash your hands with cold water before you use the garlic.

          afterwards, rinse your hands with very cold water, to get the raw garlic off it. then once that is done, rinse it with warm water and soap or lemon, or whatever you like.

          if you go from garlicy hands straight to warm water, the smell will stay in a lot longer.

          works like a charm with fish also
          Never thought of pores in the hand opening up and absorbing the odor of garlic. Good tip! But yeah, lemon always works for me with most odors.


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            The tip seems to make my skin in hands thiner.


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              Use Lime or bleach, yes, seriously. It's the only thing I've found that really works, and the bleach smell comes off very easily with a little soap and water.
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