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  • alternative suggestion pls

    I am a huge lover of seafood varieties. I used to have tuna and octopus on a daily basis cooked using tangy ancho chile sauce in abundance
    But I never had a habit of flossing after food.It caused me several teeth problems and right now,I am under the treatment of Emergency dental clinic at Toronto for repairing my abscessed teeth My dentist asked me to avoid such tough foods until the treatments are done(as told by him, almost 2 months for complete recovery). He also told to avoid tangy ancho chile sauce even after the repairing process since it would affect my teeth even worse. But I am not clear on which alternative sauce to use instead of my tac sauce.
    Anyone who has an idea on this , please help.Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Once you get it under control, go and buy a Sonicare or similar electric toothbrush and a Water Pic (water flosser).
    Biggest mistake I made after periodontal surgery was to not have these two most important devices. Ask your dentist as my periodontist never said one word about either dental tool.
    I learned the hard way. You don't have to.


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      Octopus smells like stinking feet when it's being cooked!!

      Part of my job was boiling that gross thing when I working for a catering co. years ago! Stunk to high heaven!!!

      I am the King of Kitchen Toys!!!!!!


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        Originally posted by Big Daddy's House View Post
        Octopus smells like stinking feet when it's being cooked!!

        Part of my job was boiling that gross thing when I working for a catering co. years ago! Stunk to high heaven!!!
        It never smelled like that when I ate it. I have not prepared it, but it was always good and I would eat it again.
        Octopus is one of my favorites.


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          Not sure why you would have to give up on the tangy ancho chili sauce. For tuna you could try a Hawaiian dish called Poke.
          If spicy is your thing you can add some crushed red chilies to the recipe.

          As far as octopus goes, I have worked with it a fair amount. The really big ones, ie: the body is about the size of a dinner plate, do need to be simmered and they can have a strong smell. Not sure I would associate it with stinking feet though.
          I've worked more with the baby octopus. Just marinate it some and cook it on the grill.
          “If you are afraid of butter, use cream.”
          – Julia Child


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            Tic tacs are fine- just don't eat the wholepackage .. have a few.
            Some sugar- free flavoured mint/ other flavoured gum might be a good idea to keep you're mouth busy too.

            Maybe eventrually you can move onto resorting to healthier food- keep it around the house and the sweets out.
            Here are some foods to consider buying (doesn't have to be fruit- it can be sugary alternatives!/ healthy foods)

            - Skimmed- 1% milks
            - Lowfat yoghurts (with optional added granola/ musili, nuts/ seeds, fresh berries/ dried fruits)
            - Cottage cheese
            - Cheese string with wholegrain crackers/ flatbread
            - Wholegrain crackers/ flatbread with hummus spread
            - Dry wholegrain cereal
            - Oatmeal
            - Fiber/ wholegrain granola bars (all bran, nature valley, fiber one, kashi, etc ..)
            - Portioned snack packages
            - Rice cakes (flavoured, or original spread with hummus/ peanut butter/ natural jams)
            - Pretzels
            - Trail mix (1/4 cup dried fruit, 1/4 cup nuts/ seeds and either 1/2 cup pretzels or wholegrain cereal)
            - Crunchy vegetables & hummus
            - Fruit (apples/ oranges/ celery) with peanut butter, smooth/ crunchy
            - Plain fruit/ vegetables
            - Non- sweetened apple sauce
            - Fruit cups- light syrup

            Hope i'v helped, goodluck!


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