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Whats the best fish for a first time fish eater?

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  • Whats the best fish for a first time fish eater?

    I have never had fish or seafood in my life and i am well over 20! i think its time to try some but i dont know what to buy or how to prepare it? Any and all advice would be lovely

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    Deep fried, breaded, crispy white fish fillets served with tartar sauce on the side.
    Fish and Chips if you will.
    Or just steam some fresh shrimp and serve with cocktail sauce. Buy wild caught shrimp and fish whenever possible. Its a little more money, but worth every cent!


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      Originally posted by PappaLazarou
      Originally posted by Brianna View Post
      We shop at Wal-Mart and Kroger. Wal-Mart is great because they have the "savings catcher" app that will give you money back if you buy something that is advertised for less somewhere else. Kroger I usually only shop at when they have their mix-n-match 10/$10 sale going on.

      I'm also shop at Wal-Mart, its a great place to buy seafood.
      __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

      I just copied this from the "Where do you shop " thread. I'm a little puzzled that you profess too have never eaten seafood but then you endorse Wal-Mart as a great place to buy seafood !
      I think there are a whole bunch of new members that all joined right after the new owner took over. And they all stop posting at 50 posts! Looks like someone got confused trying to keep the stories straight.

      Haven't you got the feeling that someone is talking to themself?
      OMG! I decided to blog!


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