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Salmon: Farm-Raised or Wild?

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  • Salmon: Farm-Raised or Wild?

    Do you eat farm-raised or wild salmon? I try to find wild salmon when I can, even though it's very expensive. It limits how often I can eat salmon, unfortunately, but the quality is so much better.

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    I can only afford farm raised most times. I prefer wild caught since I was raised on it. and they are much better for you.

    I'm not a chef, and I don't play on one television


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      Wild salmon since I read somewhere that farmed may have diseases prone to fish living in overcrowded environments. It is more expensive but the look and taste are worth it.


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        Wild is the best as long as they are harvested in a way as to promote health in the species.
        There are certain degrees of wild vs farm raised.
        Some farm raised are actually raised in the open ocean and allowed to swim freely in large open ocean enclosures. By far this type of salmon would taste better than those raised in kiddie pools. (indoor farming).
        However all farmed raised salmon is fed a specialized diet that encourages growth and keeps the fish healthy. Pellets if you will.
        If they could find a way to farm raise salmon so that they could eat their natural food, that would be some very good farmed fish.

        Talapia is a very good example. In Asia where much of the Talapia is raised, are in horrendous conditions. Muddy water and small fresh water ponds are not conducive to great tasting fish.
        Always find out where and how the fish were raised if you want to buy them.
        Nothing says it better than "Wild Caught". Even though wild caught is not always a good thing for the fish. Nets killing way to many non target species.


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