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How Long Do You Roast a Whole Chicken?

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  • How Long Do You Roast a Whole Chicken?

    I first learned how to cook when I was about 15 going on 16 and the only thing I didn't learn from my mom was how to roast meat especially not a chicken. So, I was wondering how long does it usually take to roast a bird. I found the cooking times depending on the pound from this site called This same web page even has ideas on how to cook the bird if you're not doing your own thing.

    Anyone can check out the link below if they're interested:

    For anyone who's familiar with roasting poultry, are these cooking times correct? They also have high heat time available as well, which is something I wouldn't do since I'm not familiar with this concept.

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    There is no accurate time/weight/temperature ratio for cooking meat. The cook time is more dependent on the shape than the weight. I like to cook my roasted meats on a low heat after high heat. Start at 475f. for 20 minutes and then reduce to 300f for the remainder of the cooking time.
    The high heat will facilitate the browning process.
    Invest in a good bi-metal thermometer. Shouldn't cost you more than $20 or so. Stick the thermometer in the thickest part of the meat and remove from the oven when it is 5 degrees below the final cooking temperature. The meat will continue to cook after it is removed from the oven.
    Let rest for 15 minutes before carving.

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      After seasoning the bird, I put it on a high rack backside up and begin roasting it at about 450 to 500 degrees to quickly sear and partially brown it - about 20 minutes.

      Then I turn it breast side up and roast it at high heat for 20 minutes more. This helps kick-start the browning process. Then I turn the oven down to about 350 degrees and let it roast normally for about 45 to 60 minutes more.

      You just can't go wrong doing it this way, because the skin is dry, crispy and brown, while the meat it moist, tender & juicy inside!! And the fat / drippings in the roasting pan can be used to make a killer gravy that you can put over some of the sliced meat, rice or mashed potatoes!! beer-brined-roast-chicken-4.jpg

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      I also roast my turkey upside down for the first half of cooking time. For the same reason. Juicy white meat with crispy skin.


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        And just be sure it is thoroughly cooked...Sometimes what looks yummy on the outside may still be a little rare inside...Be sure to check it.


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