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  • Light or Dark?

    I am always curious as to who likes light meat and who likes dark meat when it comes to fowl. I happen to love the dark meat, but don't eat it very often, unless we're having turkey for family dinner. We buy chicken breasts almost exclusively, so I really look forward to those times when I can have dark meat. What about you?

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    I like them both. We mostly use white meat as well but sometimes I will buy chicken thighs and use them in place of breasts. It depends on the recipe and on sales.


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      I too am a dark meat eater! I only get it when I roast a chicken or a turkey though. like you we mostly eat bs chicken breasts.

      I'm not a chef, and I don't play on one television


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        I'm not a fan of dark meat. I guess I've been eating the boneless/skinless chicken breasts for so long that I've just developed a taste for white meat instead. Even when we have turkey at Thanksgiving, I go for a bit of the breast.


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          I don't eat the dark meat only the light part. Most of the family is a light meat except my husband who will eat light and dark. I notice a difference in taste and just do not like it unless it's mixed in with a salad.


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            I think the dark meat has far more flavour - but having said that I'll use breast meat for things like curries, most of the time - just because they're easy to chop up and the texture is homogenous. Chicken thighs are very cheap here, so I often buy a pack and use them in a risotto or paella - it's just in highly spiced dishes that I prefer the blander breast meat. If roasting a whole bird, I would far rather have leg meat than breast meat or, preferably, buy something like a duck or goose, where all the meat is dark I have never really understood the appeal of chicken wings - so little meat for so much effort!
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