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  • Pheasant

    I remember my mother telling me that when she was growing up (in the 40s and 50s) an uncle had her try this once. What does it taste like and does anyone still eat it now? I thought it was just something she told me as a kid growing up but now that my taste is changing I am curious what it might be like.

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    I've only had it once, and it was a few years back, so I'm sure other people would have more accurate descriptions than me, but I thought it tasted pretty gamey and a bit stringy. It's not bad, and depending on how you cook it, can be just as tender as chicken. It's one of those rarities though, unless you go out and go hunting for them that is!


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      It's like a more strongly flavoured chicken, and fairly common in butchers' shops here at this time of year, also in some supermarkets, along with pigeon, partridge and quail. A pheasant - in my opinion - is not quite enough for two people, so it's more common to buy a 'brace' (ie, two) of pheasants - often one hen, one cock. I used to get given pheasant from the Queen's estate at Windsor, back when I worked in London and knew someone who used to shoot there, and before that my Mum used to be given them by a local farmer. She wasn't very impressed that she had to pluck them herself! Nowadays they come ready plucked, and often frozen - much easier to deal with!


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        Yes I've had it and I'm not really fond of it. It is a little gamey and stringy as cookiemama said. You have to really add flaor to it to hide the taste. I remember the uncles and my grandfather hunting when I was younger and they would get a bunch of these birds every year. My grandmother would complain while cleaning them that they were a pain to fix for supper.


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