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What vegetables would you serve with a roasted chicken?

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  • What vegetables would you serve with a roasted chicken?

    I'm bored of the potatoes and carrots in the pan, so I'm going to make these Red Bliss Smashed Potato recipe I found, and was wondering what vegetable others would serve.
    Was thinking about grilled asparagus.
    Any other suggestions? I'm looking for something different and tasty.
    I'll be cooking for my family next week and want to knock socks off!

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    If I'm serving roast chicken as Sunday lunch, I usually serve brussels sprouts, roast potatoes and parsnips, carrots and petits pois with it. Not particularly 'different' but very satisfying! If doing a roast chicken for a dinner party or something, I might serve creamed mushrooms or roasted mediterranean veg (peppers, aubergine, courgettes) in a tomato sauce, plus a starch such as cous cous (flavoured with lemon and garlic, or rosemary and thyme) maybe.


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      Is this for dinner or for a cookout? I tend to shape the side dish around what I am planning the chicken for and in our home it is a top pick. If we are cooking out we have to go with asparagus otherwise my husband will pitch a fit. The kids love sides with potatoes but I try to get them into liking other kinds (besides baked or cut up into fries), herb ones work great for this.


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        I like to go with vegetables (and fruits) that are in season. Butternut and acorn squash are delicious and can be served instead of potatoes. They pretty much go as a side dish with any type of meat.


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          Actually, any veggie that you'd have with a roasted chicken is great! All depends on your personal preferences.

          I am the King of Kitchen Toys!!!!!!


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            I was going to suggest Asparagus. I love it myself. also any roasted veggies such as carrots, potatoes, green beans etc...

            I'm not a chef, and I don't play on one television


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              I would do roasted peppers and garlic. You could always throw some tomatoes in as well. I like your idea of asparagus, why not? When I serve chicken, I like to make the veggies as colorful as I possibly can.


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                I think that is what people forget sometimes. You need to have the food look good and adding color is a great way to do it (besides adding more of the different types of food that we all need).


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