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    I made a recipe called poached chicken because I was fascinated by the Singaporean poached chicken that I saw in TLC, but the ingredients are not readily yet available here in our country, so I tried to reinvent a poached chicken of my own. My ingredients are very simple. It includes, garlic, onion, ginger, and pepper. I put all those ingredients in a blender and put the blended ingredients inside the belly of the chicken and underneath the chicken skin. After that I put the chicken in pre-heated water with bayleaf and a lil bit of salt and wait for the chicken to become tender. While I'm waiting for the chicken, I make the sweet and sour soy sauce. I used 100ml of water, 30ml of soy sauce, tamarind powder, sugar, cornstarch to make it thick, salt and some seasoning. combine all that ingredient and heated to make the sauce. When the chicken is done, I removed the chicken and slice it, afterwards I strained the chicken stock, so I can use it to cook the rice, I add pandan leaves to the rice, make sure to knot the pandan leaves to release the aroma and the flavor of the leaf. When the rice is done, I prepared it, and put in a nice plate, and DA-RAAAAHHH... Hope you like it, my wife and my son loves it, maybe because they just love me. Hahaha.. Just kidding.. Enjoy, very easy to make, you can try this. can't see the pic because its on my blog.

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    I wish I'd read this before leaving for work this morning! I'd have such a delicious meal waiting for me at home! Thanks for sharing.


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      Originally posted by victorladra View Post
      I make the sweet and sour soy sauce.
      I used 100ml of water, 30ml of soy sauce, tamarind powder, sugar, cornstarch to make it thick, salt and some seasoning.
      Hi Victor, would you tell us all exactly what seasoning you use for this? Also, it would be helpful if you posted the amount of each ingredient in the recipe. Just listing "Sugar" as an ingredient could mean anything from a pinch to a cup full.


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