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Breads for spaghetti

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  • Breads for spaghetti

    Any recommendations for breads to have with spaghetti? I usually just pick up Italian bread from the giant, looking for something better.

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    I have never given this much thought because the spaghetti is a carb and adding another carb to the meal would be much the same as serving 2 starches ie Potatoes and Rice together which is a culinary no no.. ? If you must, then I would go for garlic bread made from a baguette with a green salad.


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      Try semolina bread.
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      OMG! I decided to blog!


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        Gotta have bread with spaghetti, Hanzo. Italians put a large spoon in their left hand, Americans a piece of bread, lol.

        Madman, I like my bread simple. I don't get into all those seeds or different varieties, so to make it "different" I go with different toppings. And also I cut it differently. I buy French bread because it's skinnier than Italian loaves, so I can cut 1/2" slices on the bias, making small crostini, or I can cut a 5-6" hunk of the end and slice that it half. And for toppings, sometimes I start with butter, sometimes EVOO, then; fresh minced garlic, grated parm reg, minced sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper flakes, black ground pepper, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, mozarella... in any combination you can think of. Sometimes I pick one ingredient, sometimes six. Oh, and sometimes I grill it and sometimes I broil it in the toaster oven, sometimes I make it cripsy, sometimes soft... lol. I eat a lot of garlic bread.
        Garlic bread. It's not just for spaghetti. ;^)
        When life hands you lemons, make piccata!


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          Gotta have bread with spaghetti, Hanzo. Italians put a large spoon in their left hand, Americans a piece of bread, lol.
          I must admit I occasionally do have garlic bread with Spaghetti LOL


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            Have ever had Rustic Italian Bread? Whole Foods sells it, but here's a recipe you might try:



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              Originally posted by HattoriHanzo View Post
              .... adding another carb to the meal would be much the same as serving 2 starches ie Potatoes and Rice together which is a culinary no no.. ?
              Well, I thought so, too, until I "met" Chowhound and tigerlilly, and maybe occasionally homecook, none of whom follow any such conventions LOL!



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                Oh come on Lee. LOL You're Polish aren't you? Bread is the other food group!
                Some people can have all the lights on and still be in the dark.


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                  Well you know what they say.......Bread is the staff of life.


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                    Even if the spaghetti noodles are already carbohydrates, we still love to partner it with bread. Kids love spaghetti meatballs and they love it more with garlic bread. You can try it next time you make spaghetti and I hope you will love it. Giant fortune cookies
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                      I very seldom eat bread with any pasta.

                      I am the King of Kitchen Toys!!!!!!


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                        I always thought spaghetti and garlic bread went hand in hand. It is a given.

                        Like Chowhand, I like smaller pieces, like from a baguette, which I slice myself. Then I toast it and rub it with a clove of garlic. That smell of rubbed garlic on toast is soooooooo wonderful. It is hard to describe. Then I add a bit of butter, melt it and then sometimes add a teaspoon of shredded Parmesan. That is just so Italian.
                        Fast, easy, delicious, mostly healthy recipes that won't bust your budget. http://www.morethymethandough.com


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                          I make all my own bread, it always impresses your guests and it's something that is easy to learn and can be baked ahead of time.

                          Here are some great recipes to go with Spaghetti:



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                            Do you have a problem posting the recipe ? I know it can be difficult