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    I love love this summer drink. If you go to HAWAII you can have it all the time..

    1 1/4 oz. Bacardi white rum ( i suggest Bacardi but you can use your favorite rum).
    1oz. Coco Lopes Cream of Coconut.
    6oz. pineapple juice, plus a splash
    1oz. strawberry puree ( you can puree frozen strawberries if you dont have fresh ones).
    1wedge pineapple, to garnish
    1 cherry to garnish( optional)

    1) Blend the rum, Coco lopes and pineapple juice with ice
    2) Pour the strawberry puree into a glass( a tall, stemmed glass).
    3) Pour the cocunut blend on top, causing the strawberry to flow upward ( this creates the lava-flow effect).
    4) Garnish with the wedge of pineapple and cherry

    Enjoy and drink responsibly!

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    Sounds like a party! Another good rum to use is Appleton white. It goes great with pineapple flavors.


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      Yes, definitely it sounds like we have all the arrangement of a party on our hands. I usually home brew my beer. Brewing wine at home is not that hard too; it will just need some common sense and patience of few weeks. Brewing certainly has advantages associated with it like you can make your friends aware about your wine taste by serving them home brewed wine. You will be feeling good and they will be surprised that you have brewed wine yourself.


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