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Brand New Fine Mesh Strainer Set of 2 For $1!

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  • Brand New Fine Mesh Strainer Set of 2 For $1!

    Hi! My name is Mike and I just started manufacturing high quality Fine Mesh Tea Strainers that are the same quality you find in Williams Sonoma.

    These are gorgeous! I am going to start selling them on Amazon and I would like to offer 15 of them for only $1 to some people in exchange for your honest review on amazon.

    If you're interested in getting my fine mesh tea strainer for $1 in exchange for leaving an unbiased amazon review, please PM me. I will provide you with an amazon coupon you can use to purchase it for just a dollar. It's all handled through amazon, so you know this is legit.

    I am a small business and honestly need reviews to spread the word about how great our fine mesh strainer is! That's why I'm doing this. The best way to do that is to let some local folks get one dirt cheap, try it out, and then post a review. The only thing that amazon might charge you for is shipping, so it is preferable if you're an amazon prime member that way you get free shipping.

    Any questions, please let me know! I only have 15 of these to give away for a buck so only serious inquiries please. Thanks again!
    Makes the sprinkling easy- sweet and even . Comes in 31/2 and 2/12 inches in diameter.

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    Hi PappaLazarou! I have sent you a PM. Waiting to hear from you!



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