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Pressure cooker pork chops

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  • Pressure cooker pork chops

    My hubby is a pretty traditional cook and he had never had pressure cooker pork chops. I made them last week and he said he has never had such tender chops. I just popped them in the pressure cooker with potatoes, carrots and some spices. I also made a nice mushroom gravy, using the juices from the pot. Does anyone have a different pressure cooker pork recipe?

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    have you ever tried Vietnamese broken rice with pork chops and shredded pork skin and pork-egg custard? It's a wonderful dish with lots of flavor. It's also the dish that Christine Ha - masterchef winner season 3 choose to make and it led to her success. You can find the recipe on the internet and start cooking with this. Besides, their cuisine have lots of recipes with pork chops so you can start trying this from now on Good luck =


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      I don't even own a pressure cooker. I wish I did though. What else do you make it the pressure cooker? Can you make ribs? My ribs are always tough.


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        Pappa, I do leave the fat and rind on, man-oh-man was it ever good. And spatUla, I do all kinds of things in the pressure cooker, chicken, black beans, lentils and other kinds of beans. It's really great for legumes of any kind, because of the time reduction. You can make black beans (unsoaked) in about 30 minutes, which would never happen with any other method.


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          My hubby and I were just talking the other day about how to make pork chops more tender. It never occurred to me to use a pressure cooker, probably because I don't own one. The hubby LOVES pork chops, though, so I might just have to buy one now.


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            Originally posted by spatUla View Post
            I don't even own a pressure cooker. I wish I did though. What else do you make it the pressure cooker? Can you make ribs? My ribs are always tough.

            Frankly, I'd be much too afraid to do ribs in one, for fear that they're more than likely to become mush & bones.

            But I've done pot roast, beef stew, collared / mustard greens, pinto beans & Boston Baked Beans in mine.


            I am the King of Kitchen Toys!!!!!!


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              BDH, I do baby back ribs in the slow cooker all the time in BBQ sauce. they are delicious! Tender and falling off the bone.

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            Ive never done pork chops on a pressure cooker.


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              We treat pork chops just like steaks around here and would never subject them to long cooking methods.
              I do understand they would be quite tender cooked/braised in a pressure cooker. But they are also quite tender broiled or grilled to medium.
              In fact, for some reason Costco has some of the best chops I have ever purchased.
              They are very tender and take under 10 minutes to cook. They are about 1 inch thick.


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