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Freezer burnt meat

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  • Freezer burnt meat

    Can anyone tell me if freezer burnt mead is bad or ok to eat?

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    It's eatable but you may not like to eat it directly for the taste has been changed. Use it in stews or something that can mask the taste and also put moisture back in to it.

    Freezer Burn is caused by exposure to air. Meat must be wrapped in freezer paper or vacuum-sealed bags to remove all air. Plastic bags do not work, nor does aluminum foil. Freezer grade ziploc bags help, but they still allow air inside so it only slows down the process.

    Freezer burn is a bigger problem with Frost-Free units because of the constant air motion and on/off freezing defrosting cycles.
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      Lets talk COOKING NOT BEJING!!!!


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        Good post McNerd...pretty much sums it up!


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          I've also always wondered about freezer burned meat. Thanks for this post!


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            I would have to second that. I eat freezer burnt meat on occasion and it sometimes tastes a little different and sometimes has a little different texture, but it is still good!


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              Sorry, not yelling AT anyone, but please, do NOT eat freezer-burnt meat!! It has started to go rancid like cooking oil does when it sits in a warm environment for extremely long periods. Eating it could make you sick!!!!

              This is a pure sign that the meat has gone bad and has begun to spoil. If the freezer burn is just on the EDGE of the meat, then that part can and should be cut off and the rest of it can be saved.

              But freezer-burnt meat in and of itself, really has a very horrible smell and taste. You might just as well be preparing spoiled rotten meat for dinner!

              And you right, ncnerd! Frost free freezers are the worst enemy for meat that's put just in ordinary plastic bags. I own the Vacuum Master Pro130, which does a pretty good job in keeping out damaging air and preventing the food from spoiling in the freezer.

              But so are manual defrost freezers as well. I have both. And when I buy fresh meat, I vacuum seal it asap and in the freezer it goes.
              unless the meat is already vacuum sealed while on display.

              Leaving it in the plain package that it comes in and freezing it that way for a long period is not good. It CAN however, be frozen that way for a very short period, then removed from that package and vacuum sealed to help the bag form to the shape of the frozen meat.

              I usually buy my meats in bulk quantities, then I divide it up into meal-size portions and vacuum seal those portions. Stretcthes the budget, but less waste and more econmical!
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                Sorry, I don't agree. Freezer burn changes the taste and texture, but there are no health concerns eating it. Of course, the question is...why would you want to eat it, if the freezer burn is substantial.


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                  Trust me, it is not a pleasant thing to eat. It smells and tastes HORRIBLE!!

                  I think I'll Google or Yahoo it to see what I come up with.


                  I found this info on it through Google. Go here; httP://www.stretcher.com/stories/05/05apr11a.cfm . There's a wealth of info on it.
                  Last edited by Big Daddy's House; 07-06-2008, 08:29 PM.


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                    Setting the record straight

                    Originally posted by Big Daddy's House View Post
                    Trust me, it is not a pleasant thing to eat. It smells and tastes HORRIBLE!!

                    I think I'll Google or Yahoo it to see what I come up with.

                    Just wanted to append to this post with a clarification. I appreciate your fervor, Big Daddy, and I think our taste buds appreciate your efforts. Freezer burned food tastes horrible and is hazardous to your taste buds, but it is not hazardous to your health. The USDA says it's okay to choke down.

                    The link you posted says nothing about freezer burn being healthy or unhealthy. It simply provides a very good analysis of how to avoid it. It is a great article to refer to when trying to decide which way to go in preparing your food to prevent freezer burn.

                    Hope that helps!


                    • #11
                      1. If the freezer burn is just starting and the edges of the meat are still red but just a little dry, then the meat is definitely still good. But vacuum seal it asap!

                      2. If the meat has started to brown slightly, the meat is STILL salvagable, but the brown edges have to be cut off.

                      3. If the meat has brown all the way through, looks like it has been cooked already, has complete and fully-blown freezer burn, then throw it out immediately!! The freezer burn and spoilage has gone way too far and chances are, that the meat is rancid and has spoiled. Dump it!!

                      If you eat it, you might just as well be eating spoiled rotten maggot-infested meat!! It could make you sick! Same as cooking and eating spoiled meat that sat out too long and has developed a foul smell!!

                      I freeze the meat just enough to stop the blood from running, and then I vacuum seal it. When the meat is frozen the blood won't run and it won't end up being sucked into the machine's pump, which could ruin the machine.

                      But please trust me when I say this, that you don't want to eat meat that has completely freezer burnt. I know first hand that it isn't tasty at all.

                      I used to think that food couldn't spoil in the freezer, but it DEFINITELY CAN. Air is the natural enemy in the fridge, freezer and in dry foods like potato chips and nuts. The oils in these foods can go bad and trurn rancid!
                      Last edited by Big Daddy's House; 04-30-2012, 08:10 AM.


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                        Although it is true that freezer burnt food is usually unpleasant to eat. Freezer burn will not cause illness itself. If food has been in the freezer so long that it is freezer burnt it may be past it's prime, but bacteria cannot grow at that temperature and so spoilage such as that seen at ambient temperature and in the fridge doesn't happen.

                        I wouldn't suggest eating it, but it you looked at it I would guess you'd have realised it probably wasn't gonna taste the best, but I also wouldn't liken it to rancid meat. It is dry and chewy, but not rancid.


                        • #13
                          But it tastes AWFUL!!

                          I once made spaghetti sauce with pork chops that had freezer burn 1/3 the way through. That part of the meat tasted so bad!!

                          Freezer burnt meat, fruit, veggies and other stuff is no fun to eat at all!


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                            It is a shame when that happens. I try VERY hard not to ever allow this. Wasting the money is awful, plus ruining the dish you use it in.... so there is no way to win if you have meat with freezer burn.


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                              Originally posted by Tangerine View Post
                              It is a shame when that happens. I try VERY hard not to ever allow this. Wasting the money is awful, plus ruining the dish you use it in.... so there is no way to win if you have meat with freezer burn.

                              That is why it is so important to have a vacuum food sealer!

                              To help avoid this constant annoying problem.

                              Helps make life so much easier in winning the battle against freezer burn and food spoilage in the fridge, freezer and for dry foods.
                              Last edited by Big Daddy's House; 02-14-2013, 03:45 AM.