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  • Livestream cooking!

    Don't think I've read this question anywhere in here yet, but are some of you familiar with livestreaming websites where I can watch cooks (professional or not) livestream their cooking? I was getting tired of reading blog entries to certain recipes and youtube videos just don't do it for me. My husband is very much into gaming and even has his own channel and while I was watching him record a livestream I kept thinking to myself: 'isn't there one platform for cooking or anything of that sort?' I'm absolutely not interested in gaming or anything but I'd really love seeing cooks do a livestream. That would be definitely a nice change from reading blog entries

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    I don't know of any specific ones but I do know that some of the culinary schools will occasionally livestream events they are having. Perhaps you could search for culinary schools and check their sites out for any scheduled events.
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