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which are better - cooking shows in UK or US?

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  • which are better - cooking shows in UK or US?

    Topchef is better than masterchef thats for sure, UK do better celeb shows I think, Ironchef UK is needed!


  • #2
    I have only watched a couple of american shows, but i love daily cooks challenge, and used to like ready steady cook before Ainsley Harriot took over. I also like Nigella Lawsons and Jamie Olivers shows


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      Originally posted by The Tourist
      I think this is more of a case of a "cultural issue" than that of substance. Let me explain.

      I like cars and motorcycles. At our news-stand at the coffee shop I patronize there are about two dozen bike magazines. I always select the 'cruiser' and the 'custom' examples. Simple. I have two custom Harleys.

      There are also two or three magazines catering to 'sports' bikes. We call them "cafe' racers" or 'crotch rockets.' I believe one of these magazines is imported directly from England.

      No question about it. The new Triumphs are more reliable than the ones I knew in the 1960s. They actually start, they don't leak, and it looks like they got that "Lucas electrics" problem fixed.

      They go fast and they perform! *sigh* I don't really care. Not from being a snob, but it's just not an interest.

      I don't eat 'blood pudding,' or 'bangers.' Now, I would try them, if offered, but I have no cultural perspective or interest.

      I do occasionally watch "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives." I caught a few episodes of Alton Brown cruising around looking for obscure area cuisine. But for me it was more like watching a really fascinating train wreck.

      This is the only reason.
      No offence but I don't get what that has to do with the thread? Have I missed the point?

      On the topic, I am british so possibly biased, but I actually prefer british shows on the whole. The american ones I've watched make me feel patronised. It might be because I don't particularly like the way they are meant to be, or that I'm not used to it, either way I'm voting for the UK.

      Having said that I think Iron Chef and Master chef are in a league of their own and are equally as good be they the British, American or Australian version.


      • #4
        I'm totally biased, being a Brit - I far prefer the UK shows because they seem less formulaic (possibly because they don't have to accommodate so many ad breaks), and seem to have more emphasis on quality ingredients. No telly, so I watch everything about a month after most people! I love all the River Cottage stuff, can't STAND Nigella cos I always think she's going to dribble into the food, adore Heston cos he's totally nuts, think Gordon has sold out to 'fame', Delia is past it, Marco Pierre White is great, so is Rick Stein (love his passion for fish). I've never seen Jamie Oliver a a chef, more of a cook, but watch his programmes because of his obvious passion - but my current (OK a month out of date) favourite is Raymond Blanc, because he is so informative and down to earth and just HAPPY about what he cooks.


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          Originally posted by The Tourist
          No, I meant it. We are speaking about celebs and cooking, and my interest is more global--but it also includes the topic.

          Let me be clear. For the sake of the debate, let's pre-suppose that every UK TV show is better, more indepth, more entertaining and imparts more accurate and useable information.

          To me, it wouldn't matter a bit. I don't care for the genre, and I'd be bored before they finished running the credits.
          I change my mind. I think you've missed the point.

          This is a thread about cooking shows. Not about how you dislike cooking shows because you like other things. There is no point in threads if people don't keep to the original topic. I also have 'more global interests' but I can make a post that is actually on topic. Funny that.

          @DarkGinger I have to say I pretty much agree with everything you said (although I don't share your passion for Rick Stein, but I'm also vegetarian, maybe there is something in that.)

          Heston is a genius, and a bit of a fruit, but that's why I love him. Who else dedicates an entire show to making an edible house?

          Nigella is over rated on TV I think, I don't like the 'sexy cooking' angle that other people like about her, but her recipe books are really quite special.

          And Jamie I think I have a bit of a soft spot for because he really talks about food and prepares food with love, even more so than most IMO. I don't think he's the best chef, but he has lots of ideas on his shows that are easily executable at home. Which I love.


          • #6
            I have enjoyed both. My biggest problem is how Food Network in the US has turned their cooking shows into nothing but gimmicks, there is really no teaching or instruction going on, just hosts making recipes and trying to be entertaining at the same time. I love Paula Deen's first cookbooks, they are full of tried and true southern recipes, but the stuff she makes now are recipes written by someone else to fit her gimmick. The same goes for most hosts on FN now.

            I thoroughly enjoy Nigella, I love her passion for food and her whole approach in general. I love Rachel Allen's show "Bake", it is a teaching show, and really well done. I enjoyed Two Fat Ladies, their menu rarely featured anything that I would eat, but again I loved their passion for food, and the different settings for each show. I enjoy UK cooking shows because I like the different dishes prepared, or the interesting names used for certain dishes.

            Oh and Posh Nosh, even though it is a fake cooking show, a hoot to watch!
            Check out my baking blog! bakingbetter.com


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              Originally posted by natt12321 View Post
              I change my mind. I think you've missed the point.

              Nigella is over rated on TV I think, I don't like the 'sexy cooking' angle that other people like about her, but her recipe books are really quite special.

              And Jamie I think I have a bit of a soft spot for because he really talks about food and prepares food with love, even more so than most IMO. I don't think he's the best chef, but he has lots of ideas on his shows that are easily executable at home. Which I love.
              Nigella is indeed overrated, but one can't deny she's sexy.
              As for Jamie, I totally agree - his passion for food is shines through and you just can't help but catch his enthusiasm. I like Chef Morimoto from Iron Chef America pretty much because even though there is the language barrier, you also see his passion for cooking. Now Bobby Flay, I really am not sure about although I did like watching Throwdown.


              • #8
                Uk shows are more informative, US shows are more dramatic.

                I love "The F Word" with Gordon ramsay, because he shows how food is made, it it makes people aware of certain food issues, it obviously has the celebrity every episode, but well.

                I miss this show


                • #9
                  United Kingdom - It all started with Keith Floyd

                  As a child I loved watching Keith Floyd, he was so entertaining
                  I ended up working in restaurants because of him and went to Hotel School...
                  He was such an entertainer ....
                  Last edited by natt12321; 05-01-2012, 06:58 AM.


                  • #10
                    I don't remember at all, watching cooking shows broast in the UK other than The Naked Chef, which starred Jamie Oliver.

                    I am the King of Kitchen Toys!!!!!!


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                      Woops! Don't worry but I think Sarah May might have sneaked past the Cooking Forums fire wall. That is of course if such a thing exists?


                      • #12
                        I love Two Fat Ladies. They cook down home fare, plus they go to the most atmospheric, nostalgic locations. Pure fun!


                        • #13
                          I prefer any show that doesn't cheapen the trade. That leaves out Gordo.


                          • #14
                            I know what you mean. There is plenty of that, esp in America.


                            • #15
                              I like Emeril's show, Emeril Live, but he has left the Food Network.

                              I am the King of Kitchen Toys!!!!!!