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  • new online cooking reality show

    I just found this site ( that's running some kind of online cooking reality show. They're accepting cooking videos for a chance to win $75K and a trip to Las Vegas for some crazy finale. Seems to be open to anybody with culinary skills and access to a video camera.

    What you guys think?

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    About the new online cooking reality show

    Hi Andrew,

    Just registered today and saw your thread. I'm really interested in the reality show, went on the website, but there wasn't anything indicating the reality show contest. Where did you get your info and do you know of any other upcomimg reality cooking shows? I really want to show case my talents in cooking.......Thanks


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      I checked the site out and it looks really interesting, but unfortunatelly I had the same problem as andrew47... I could not find anything indicating the reality show contest...
      Could you provide some extra pieces of information? Perhaps I may try entering this cooking contest...


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        I just visited the sit, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about the contest. Did you try to visit it now? Maybe the contest is finished. You should take a look for yourself. I think that many are interested to join this contest but the fact that they can’t find something about the contest makes them unwilling to join.


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          I see that this thread is made on March 2007. I’m not surprise that the contest is gone now. I think that the two guys are making a big mistake here because they a replying to an old thread. I have also visited the site and haven’t seen any contest around.


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            I was just waiting for an online show to come around.
            Love making homemade marinara sauce.


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