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What is your favourite cooking show?

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  • What is your favourite cooking show?

    Hi guys
    I am forever watching uktvfood but i love the market kitchen programme on there and now that they have taken a break for the summer, i do miss them:-). apart from different chefs and cooking personalities, they also have different presenters with different styles which makes it an interesting show.
    what is your favourite show and why?
    X M
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    Mine would be Food Network. I like to watch Paula Deen, Bobby Flay or Guy Fieri (Sp?).


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      Favorite cooking shows on TV

      My favorite cooking shows:

      1. Guy's Big Bite (Guy Fieri)
      2. Tyler's Ultimate (Tyler Florence)
      3. Paula's Home Cooking (Paula Deen)
      4. Everyday Italian (Giada DeLaurentiis)
      5. Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten)
      6. 30 Minute Meals (Rachel Ray)
      7. Molto Mario (Mario Batali)

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        I'm a Jamie Oliver fan.
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          I loved Anthony Bourdain's A cooks tour - I've read the book as well. Great stuff.


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            Mine are Sophie Grigson & Jamie Oliver, both have very grounded approach to cooking, which makes it interesting. They really come across very well in both their books & TV.
            My way of cooking is very similar, that's probably why I like them.
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              Big Daddy's House (my #1 favorite!).

              Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

              Simply Delicioso


              Tyler's Ultimate


              Emeril Live

              Everyday italian

              Barefoot Contesa

              Good Eats

              Will Work For Food.
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                I enjoy Food Network and Paula Deen's Paula's Home Cooking. That has been my favorite.
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                  Hells Kitchen
                  Chef at Home
                  and any restaurant makeover shows
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                    I don't watch much TV anymore, but when I was young I loved watching the Frugal Gourmet, Jeff Smith. I liked his philosophy.

                    I will always adore Julia Child.

                    As for something current, I really agree with Jamie Oliver's mission to get people cooking.
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                      The Swedish Chef (Muppets)


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                        I love love LOVE Emeril!
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                          I've gotten to liking Guy Fieri and his recipes. I love Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa) not only for her wonderful recipes but because I like her very easy going, quiet attitude.

                          Can't handle, Emeril, he's a sloppy cook and too much show for my money. And why do we need to spend so much time with a band on a cooking show?

                          Paula Deen, that phony accent grinds on my nerves.

                          Mario Batali just can't stop talking and drives me nuts.

                          I watch Giada's show and especially like her Giada at Home recipes. But I have a hard time watching that constant, toothy smile.

                          I too miss Jeff Smith and my favorite David Rosengarten. The had the best recipes and no showoff stuff. [/B]


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                            I would like to watch these cooking shows

                            Tyler's Ultimate (Tyler Florence)
                            Paula's Home Cooking (Paula Deen)
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                              Hell's Kitchen for the reason of Chef Ramsay. My boyfriend and I both like him a lot. He's not afraid to tell it what it is!

                              When I was a kid I used to love Justin Wilson. <3 Nobody else seems to remember him.
                              "Ah garrontee it."

                              I love cultural chefs.

                              Paula Deen for example--even though she looks entire too much like the Tooth Fairy on Shrek 3--yes in the south we use 7 sticks of butter. And that makes it 7 times as good as if it had been made with "I can't believe it's not", or margarine.

                              Justin wilson was a creole chef--mostly cooking boston butt roasts and other typical creole foods. Mmm.
                              and then at the end of his show, he would sit down and eat it.

                              Another neat thing about Wilson was the fact that whatever he made was 1 serving. It went on 1 plate and he ate it at the end.
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