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A beginner's shot at homemade "canned" fish

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  • A beginner's shot at homemade "canned" fish

    I have to admit, that this dish wouldn't qualify for any food-beauty contest, but it is really simple to prepare, and can help a lot on those days when you are low on funds... You need some fish (basically any type of fish, because the fishbones will become soft during the boiling), carrots, onion, black pepper, bay leaf, oil and vinegar (preferably stg. around 9-10%).

    Put a layer of carrot, onion and condiments in the pot, cut the fish to smaller pieces and put a layer of those pieces on the carrot&co, then a next layer of condiments and carrots and so on. At the end you pour oil in the pot until it covers the fish, add the vinegar (one tenth of the amount of oil added).
    Boil this thing until the fishbones get soft (usually 2-4 hours), and after that (before it goes cold) put it in jars. That's all.

    The story behind this:

    Some days ago I stumbled upon a video of the Swedis Sill och Potatis (Herring and Potatoes - but struggled to find a clear recipe on how it is made, and also struggled to find cured herring, to try to prepare it based on the suggestions I received. So, I decided that while hunting for all the stuff needed for the S&P, I will try and prepare some fish dishes that I ate in my childhood. This "canned" fish was the first one of those dishes. Imgur gallery [here](
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