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What did you bake today?

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  • Originally posted by natt12321 View Post
    Thanks BDH

    You welcome!


    • Natt those cakes are absolutely beautiful. You have a real talent


      • She really does!!!

        I wish that I could do stuff like that!!

        I'm just a plain no-frills cook.


        • Originally posted by Tunaoue
          Couple months ago we were watching "Wheel of Fortune" and Vana White told how she made salvaged a few browning bananas by making Banana Bread.

          Yea, it's about the simplest but as far as I'm concerned it has a lot of utility (aka: value). Not only is it therapeutic and productive, but we prevent the waist of some fruit.

          If anyone wants to start baking, I suggest Banana Bread. It's easy and tasty.

          There's tons of recipes out there, I usually do mine with some heavy (whipping) cream or buttermilk. This time I had neither and substituted sour cream. I love toasted pecans in it -- with a rough chop. I added a package of apple cider drink mix.

          I could post the recipe, but not sure which forum to use.

          Nice looking banana bread, Tunaoue!!

          I'm long overdo to make some!

          it is really easy to make and it comes out so luscious and deliscious smelling & tasting!!

          Can you give us the recipe, please?


          • Originally posted by Guts View Post
            Natt those cakes are absolutely beautiful. You have a real talent
            Wow, I'm a little behind I hadn't noticed this! Thanks so much!

            On to this weeks:

            Yet another giant cupcake (I'll be glad when these are no longer trendy!)

            And a new skill that I've just got the hang of (I am under the impression it's used more in the states anyway as I learnt of it from an American website and then went on to watch an American tutorial). My first real use of frozen Buttercream transfer, I was going to go for a more complicated design, but it was the first time I've done it to actually put on a cake and I didn't have time to mess up tbh.

            I'll be using it more often though! It's a fab way of making the top of my rainbow cakes more interesting (that is on a rainbow cake just in case I've lost you...) better than just pure text anyway!


            • Awesome cakes Natt! How did you make the roses on your giant cupcake (in the icing?).


              • You pretty much just pipe in reverse, so start in the centre instead of the edge. I would rather have used a sharper tube to pipe with, but the effect is still what I want.


                • I actually have SS to thank for finding out about this idea because she reminded me about Pinterest where I found the idea the other day.

                  They are simple Victoria sponge batter, as it was the first time trying it I didn't want to make it too complicated. Would definitely work well with different mixes of flavours though.

                  Closer up of inside
                  Last edited by natt12321; 02-23-2012, 11:40 AM.


                  • Lovely cupcakes Natt! How did you get the heart inside them?


                    • I found this link on Pinterest http://madewithloveby.me/2011/03/how...your-cupcakes/

                      It's made out to be pretty complicated when all you do is bake a small tray of any coloured sponge until is it just baked. Let it cool and then cut shapes out that are small enough to fit in cupcake cakes. They suggest freezing them to prevent overbaking on the second bake, but I didn't find it a problem to be honest.

                      Then place each cake shape into each cupcake case and surround with plain cake batter and bake.

                      The heart in this one rose a little, they didn't all rise but I'm gonna do another trial run before I make the actual wedding cupcakes that these were practices for.


                      • Rye Bread

                        We don't buy bread anymore since I've been baking my own loaves.
                        Usually it's the standard white bread, a modified version of Amish White that is on Allrecipes dot com.
                        Today I did a loaf of rye bread. Baking bread is always an adventure for me. Try as I might, I can never be completely consistent -- MEANING the loaves turn out slightly different every time. They're still delicious and edible, just a little chewier or denser, or sweeter (or not) than the last time.
                        Baking is such an imperfect art - depending on the definition of perfect. All rye breads are tasty per Se, but as rye breads go this loaf was SLIGHTLY less than I hoped for. My recipe (always subject to change) used all propose flour - difficult to get the loaf to rise without it, but in this case I may have used too much. It tastes like a cross between wheat bread and rye. Also the loaf is a little tall, meaning I let it rise in the pan an extra hour before oven time. It's nice and light and fluffy. Would make awesome sandwich bread, but not as savory as a denser rye would be.


                        I see it like working on polishing the paint on a car. I can fine sand, basic polish with rubbing compound, polish with fine grit, super polish after that and from 5 feet away it looks like a mirror. But when I get close up like 3 inches with a bright light at an angle I can see tiny scratches that will never really go away. Meaning no matter how hard I try, I will never, ever achieve perfection. But it's sure fun to try!

                        Baking is like that.


                        • Tunaoue, I thought it looked like a brilliant brown loaf with a great crumb until you said it was rye! It lookes like a lovely light loaf though, and although it may not be what you were hoping for, technique wise it looks pretty great!

                          Today I made cupcakes for a girl at work who is moving to start a new job in London this week. They are vanilla sponge with purple hearts and flowers in the centres (like my last photo, only purple!)


                          • Dag, nice work, Tunaoue & Natt!!


                            • My b/f's birthday is coming up soon. I will be baking a very chocolate cake for him!


                              • I've still got another cake to do this week, but so far I have done:

                                Cupcakes for a friends wedding, the theme was hearts

                                Converse shoe

                                I'm particularly chuffed with this one, I think it came out really well.