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  • Tyler
    Do you want CookingForums to revert to its old self?
    Do you want CookingForums to revert to its old self? It is no secret that a lot of you are unhappy with the "new" CookingForums. There is a possibility that I can have the website reverted back t...
    Yes please!
    No thanks.
    I'm not sure.
    1 week ago


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  • #46
    Old people shouldn't eat health foods.
    They need all the preservatives they can get.
    -Robert Orben

    With respect ..........I beg to differ the cleeshay is every think in moderation.

    A bit of what you fancy does you good .okay! topsy


    • #47
      After being unfairly banned from forums like DC, SP & CL, I found THIS forum to be the much better one. Even before that!!!

      FNF is another Happy Valley, where they made me feel so unwelcome there. I left there and never went back. Like DC, they've become real clowns over there and the board is excessively moderated! You can't say a thing about politics or children!! They started closing and deleting some of my posts and threads because I talked about children!!

      One mod there said that to know a child actor was creepy!! Now since when is it supposedly creepy to know child actors?!!!!! I grew up watching shows like Leave it to Beaver, Diff'rent Strokes, My Three Sons, Facts of Life and The Munsters, and later, as well as others, That's So Raven, Suite Life of Zak & Cody. Everyone knew the cast members in those shows. They got judgemental when I mentioned famous people like Gary Coleman, Kyle Massey, Daylon Trotman and Bobb'e J. Thompson, who are all child actors and famous!!

      They began accusing me of being some kind of blasted pervert or something!!! That is why I left there and never went back there! No, I wasn't banned from there, I just never went back there. I don't like them any more.

      They also stopped me from being able to edit my own posts!!! And then they started playing games like they don't know who did it!!

      Anyone who flat-out accuses me of being a pervert, pedophile or a child molster, or even assumes that I might be one, they are no friends of mine!! Those are some of the most horrible things that you can be called by idiots like them!!!

      How can a forum that doesn't even know you accuse you of something that you're not?!! A crime that's so horrible & repulsively sick!!!

      They've gotten so blasted judgemental, biased and put so much defamation out on me that I want nothing else to do with them at all!!
      Last edited by Big Daddy's House; 07-20-2011, 09:40 AM.


      • #48
        Yeah, I HATE when people do that to me!!

        I've run into people like that on Facebook as well. They are so blasted biased judgemental that it's so ridiculous!!


        • #49
          Facebook is almost similar to Twitter.

          It's a website where you can meet and talk with other members. You can also meet people for possible dating.

          But there are also biased sterotypes, cowards, bullys and judgemental members there as well!
          The ones like that, I block, so that they can't harass, tourment, bully or bother you at all. The world is chock full of morons & idiots!!!!
          Last edited by Big Daddy's House; 07-01-2011, 04:16 PM.


          • #50
            Woah now, you've just completely put down an entire continent as being angry.

            As much as some europeans don't know a whole lot about america, it would seem you all don't know so much about europe either. And what makes the french any worse than anyone else? Where have your opinions formed from to make you so much better than the europeans you are complaining about.


            • #51
              Being European, I find what you've just said very closed minded. I've spent time in many parts of Europe and and also in your country. You can be proud of your country, that's fine (although one thing that does gripe us brits who know your history, is that you think you are different from us. You ARE us. War of independence... it was essentially Brits against Brits, we never gave Americans independence, we gave our own people independence. /Rant) but to say that your people are more friendly than the rest of the world is really quite offensive to the rest of the world.

              I have come across many childish Americans, the issue I came across on this very forum was not dealt with well and a part of that came down to the fact that I was being told I didn't know anything about you both when in actual fact you didn't know the first thing about me. That's not exactly admirable behaviour.

              Europeans can be feisty, they can be just as childish as other people (including Americans), but they can also be just as lovely as anyone else. They are entitled to be proud about what they want also. And from my experience some of your issues probably come from over reactions and miss understandings on both parts.

              When on an international forum you have to remember that people from different countries/continents are from different worlds pretty much. Some things just have to be taken with a pinch of salt and not retaliated against.

              Just my tuppence.


              • #52
                Most of those forums out there, put simply, just wait for you to cross their imaginary line. Then they start attacking you from all angles.


                • #53
                  I, like so many others in here, google'd "cooking forums" and up popped this one. It looked cozy and warm and inviting. So, here I am.


                  • #54
                    Please grow up, I believe more and more as I interact with you that it is not everyone else that is the problem.


                    • #55
                      You might wish to consider taking a break from THIS part of the board and concentrate on another section. Before things get too heated.


                      • #56
                        google search for cooking forums. this was at the top so i checked it out and liked the topics i was seeing


                        • #57
                          I was referred here by Big Daddy's House. It's a great forum! Lots of info and beautiful pics!